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When I’m producing I use a lot of Ableton Live’s built-in FX. I do this because a) I like them and b) they adhere to the same workflow in everything else in Live so I spend more time making music. Of course sometimes I also want to use a third-party... Read more →

Your browser is not able to display frames. Please visit the mind map: REBOOT Album Project Plan on Mind Mapping - MindMeister. I’m kicking off 2010 with a post help you turn your New Years resolutions into finished projects. As an artist... Read more →

Project5 - Fast way to select instrument patches from the Track Inspector

In addition to to selecting patches from within the instrument interface, you can also select patches from the Track Inspector. Find the "Property Page" for the instrument in question, then click "Select Bank/Patch". You'll then be presented with a menu containing patches. The advantage of this approach is that all... Read more →