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Video Demo: SlimPar 56 LED Light and Obey 3 Light Controller

On June 13th, I posted a review of the Slimpar56 and Obey 3 controllers. I had a few people ask me to follow up with a video showing the light in action. I added the video to the original post but wanted to do a separate post with the video for those that read Modulate This with a feed reader.

Watch embedded video.

Mark Mosher

Designing Sound Blog + Jim Stout on Organic Sound Design with Alchemy & Open Labs NeKo

Just wanted to pass along a sound design resource - Below is a cool video tutorial post from this site featuring one of my favorite virtual instruments Camel Audio Alchemy. The video is also interesting to me because sound designer Jim Stout is running Alchemy via an Open Labs Neko and the video gives you a good sense of how this system works.

Watch the embedded video.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder, CO

u-he ACE Video Tutorial: Patch Cables 101

Click here to watch embedded video

I’ve been working a lot with u-he’s ACE modular synthesizer which recently released. It’s quite fantastic and made my recent Best of 2009 Electronic Music Tech list. ACE has a very nice clean and simple user interface where almost all programming is done on one page.

To program ACE you need to have a basic understanding of how the patch cable system works. To help you shorten your learning curve and to help you make more sense of the factory presets I developed the video above. It’s a step-by-step tutorial with a conceptual overview of patch cables and a walkthrough where I create two presets using patch cables.



Mark Mosher
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Sound Design with Gladiator 2: HCM Synthesis Explained

Update: checkout the discount link on the right side of the blog.

I started using Tone 2 Gladiator 1 a year ago and recently upgraded to Gladiator 2. Gladiator 1 & 2 are based on a new type of synthesis called Harmonic Content Morphing (HCM). HCM offers a clever way to generate wavetables with a massive variety of harmonic content that can be modified over time. Tone2’s approach with HCM is quite unique so I put together this video which offers a step-by-step explanation of what HCM synthesis is and how to use it. These techniques apply to both Gladiator 1 & 2.

Watch Video on YouTube:

If you like the sound of Gladiator 2 but find it too expensive, you should check out Firebird+. Firebird+ only has a fraction of the the editing capabilities but is still quite a capable instrument for the price.


Mark Mosher

Ableton Live 8 Video Tutorial: How to Use the Step-Sequencer

One of the new features in Ableton Live 8 is the ability to step-sequence in the Midi Note Editor. This is covered only briefly on age 204 of the manual so I put together a 5 min. video tutorial to help you get your mind around how this feature works.

Update: I've gotten a lot of comments that people like this video but they feel this implementation leaves something to be desired. I want to mention that the upcoming add-on Max for Live has an "off the hook" step sequencer device. Check out more here.

I also want to point that that there is utility in the feature set shown here especially for step-sequencing chord structures.

Watch the video on YouTube.

See other Modulate This! articles, tutorials, and ideos on Ableton Live.

Mark Mosher

Ableton Live Commercial Video Tutorial Roundup


Looking for full-on commercial video tutorial courses on Ableton Live?

Here is a list of some I’ve found. For most courses lists, I’ve only seen the free demo movies for each course. In each case I thought the presenter was knowledgeable, they were good teachers, and the videos had professional production.

In the case of Nick Maxwell's tutorials, I have access to all the movies and can say they are really great if you want to go beyond using Live as a DAW and actually use Live, Simpler, Sampler, and instrument/drum racks as an "instrument".

I’ve broken my list down into two categories 1) How to Use Ableton Live and 2) Sound Design with Ableton Live. Note: I’ve revised this article to contain a third category called 3) Ableton Live Technique. This category is for miscellaneous videos to help you take your Ableton chops to the next level that are not specifically targeted at sound design.

To help you pick the tutorial that is right for you I’ve provided some high-level info for each course. Checkout the free videos, and course listings using links below.

Add your finds to this roundup by commenting on this post.


image Live Explained Volume 1
Craig McCullough
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
For: Those new to Ableton Live who want an introduction to all of Live’s core features
Tutorials & Run Time: 20 Tutorials / Over 3.5 Hours
Live Version Used: Live 7
Format & Price:  : Digital Download + Disc $54.99, Digital Download $49.99, 30-day Online Pass $17.99, Membership

imageLive Explained Volume 2
Craig McCullough
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
For: Picks up where Volume left off and covers more advanced features of Ableton Live.
Tutorials & Run Time: 20 Tutorials / Over 3.5 Hours
Live Version Used: Live 7
Format & Price:  Digital Download + Disc $54.99, Digital Download $49.99, 30-day Online Pass $17.99, Membership

image VTC Ableton Live 6 Tutorial

Author: Steven Smith
Level: Beginner
For: Those new to Ableton Live who want an introduction to all of Live’s core features
Tutorials & Run Time: 96 Lessons, 8 Hours
Live Version Used: Live 6
Format & Price:  Disc $99.95
Released: 2007-12-13


Sound Design in Ableton Live

Author: Nick Maxwell
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
For: Those who want to learn radical techniques for creating everything from hard-hitting drums to complex atmospheres. Gain the knowledge to create unique, complex sounds!
Tutorials & Run Time: 5 Hours 
Live Version Used: Live 7
Format & Price:  Digital download or streaming video. For $7 you can get 1 and a half hours of the videos, (Developing a Sound Design Philosophy, Atmospheric Fly-by, Designing a Drum Kit, and Slicing Melodic Sounds). You will be given the option to purchase the remaining sound design videos for the $30 difference, as well as the option to upgrade to the full Megapack (both "Sound Design" and "Sampling and Slicing") for the $42.99 difference.

Sampling & Slicing with Ableton Live

Author: Nick Maxwell
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
For: A no-fluff series on creating sample-based music in Ableton Live. Learn essential tools and creative techniques with this series. Get up to speed in no time!
Tutorials & Run Time: 2 Hours
Live Version Used: Live 7
Format & Price:  Digital download or streaming video. Purchase this 2 hour video series now for $25 and start learning instantly. Save 20% on your purchase of both "Sampling and Slicing in Ableton Live" and "Sound Design and Creative Audio Manipulation" through this special package deal. Get both series for $49.99!

3) Ableton Live Technique


The Ultimate Ableton Tutorials

Author: Jason Timothy
Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
An eclectic collection of tutorials on various Ableton Live topics. Easy to follow that even a complete beginner will be able to make great songs, remixes, mash-ups or DJ on Ableton very quickly! Offering

  • Ultimate Ableton Collection #1 - $37(Download)/$59(DVD)
  • Uiltimate Ableton Collection #2 - $37(Download)/$42(DVD)
  • Advanced Warping Collection
  • Ableton Mini-packs - $7:
    • Drum kit's and Sample Mini-pack
    • Drum Racks Mini-pack
    • DJ Mini-pack 1 and 2
    • Sampler Mini-pack
    • Operator Mini-pack

Tutorials & Run Time: Varies depending on package 
Live Version Used: Live 7 & 8
Format & Price:  Digital download, DVD

Add your finds to this roundup by commenting on this post.

Mark Mosher

Video Tutorial: How To Use Ableton Live Racks To Create Multi-Sampled Instruments

Watch Video: How To Use Ableton Live Racks to Create Multi-Sampled Instruments

I’ve seen questions recently in Modulate This comments, and on the Ableton Live forum regarding the creation of multi-sampled instruments in Ableton Live. This video tutorial is  step-by-step how-to video that walks you through the creation of a velocity switched multi-sampled instrument using Ableton Live, Ableton Simpler, Instrument Racks, and Drum Racks.

Mark Mosher

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