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My First Synth My very first synth was the Poly-800 which I bought the year it was introduced in 1984. It was the first programmable polyphonic synth for under a thousand bucks (I bought mine for $795 new). It was an incredible value at the time with these features: MIDI... Read more →

Great Improv and Video: Józef Skrzek plays Minimoog and church organ... again!

Ok, this video is just fabulous..."Józef Skrzek plays Minimoog and church organ... again!" Filmed by Krzysztof Miller for film by Ilja Stankovic - short, moving improvisation for small church organ and Minimoog with Roland RE-201 tape delay. Check for more info and for plenty of tracks with Moog.... Read more →

Over the summer and into this fall I'm focusing a lot on improvisation using an Octatrack. Here is a good read on improvisation I found via Boulder artist Farrell Lowe - "Barry Guy: Striving For Absolute Spontaneity". Barry Guy seems to be one of the most convincing figures in a... Read more →