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This video of "Bring Me the Disco King" by David Bowie popped on my Facebook wall the other day. This is one of those amazing videos that makes you stop your day, run up and watch it on the home theater system over and over. It's from his Reality tour... Read more →

I'm digging deeper into BEAP. Note - I've created a category for BEAP posts - Today I worked out how to use a BEAP patch with Max for Live. The trick is to MIDI from Live's "midin" object to BEAP's MIDI to Signal then map the audio to BEAP's... Read more →

Meetup Turns 4 4 years and 50 events ago I founded the Boulder Synthesizer Meetup which has since morphed into the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup with over 490 members! Over food and drink we - share our passion for synths, build our network, get inspired, get hands-on with gear, tell... Read more →

I've decided to study and learn Cycling '74s BEAP Modular (comes with Max/Max for Live) and VIZZE the video modular system. I'm starting off with BEAP. "BEAP provides a robust library of high-level modules that you’ll know and love from the analog synth world. Patch them up and interface them... Read more →