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Posts from December 2014

Members from the community from all over the world be be performing live streaming concerts on January 31st. Tune in here Times on poster are GMT, but if you visit this page you’ll see the times translated to your local time Live chat room is here Read more →

On December 23rd, 2014, Nord released an OS update for the Lead 4 Synthesizer bringing it to version 1.30. Download the update from here I applied the update to my Nord Lead 4 yesterday and got some hands-on time using the new OS. In this article I'll offer some... Read more →

I just started experimenting with iZotope’s Iris 2. Wow! Iris 2 wins the award for most improved virtual instrument for me in 2014! While Iris 1 focused on interesting ways to manipulate samples using photoshop-like editing to do spectral filtering along the timeline, it was lacking on the automation and... Read more →

Another update: I noticed 1.23 is no longer available on Waldorf's site. I've emailed them to find out more. Update: 2TThis is a long article and I've rendered it as pdf and Open XML paper so you can read this offline and print it. Blofeld users rejoice! Waldorf has released... Read more →

Wow! What a super cool video and song by thereminist May Roosevelt - "Ode to Joy, 2013-14" - More on May's work here Ode to Joy from May Roosevelt on Vimeo. Ωδή στη Χαρά | Ode to Joy, 2013-14 Βίντεο, ήχος | Video, sound, 4’ 40” The artwork... Read more →