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New Video by Experimental Synth - Orphion and the Moog Voyager Touch Surface

Chris Stack of just released another fantastic video. Playing the Orphion iPad app through a Moog MF-102 Ring Modulator and MF-104Z Analog Delay. Moogerfooger parameters are controlled with the Moog Voyager Touch Surface CV outputs. Links Experimental Synth on Facebook Experimental Synth on Twitter Mark Mosher... Read more →

Via Chris Blais (@nordmach) and Gear Junkies post I discovered Waldorf’s announcement on their Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer! Pulse 2 is a completely analog synth with three oscillators in a metal case similar to that of the blofeld desktop. Overview Here is some info from Waldorf’s Product page: Sometimes they... Read more →

For this Music Monday, I present to you the absolutely mind blowing cool new video and single from Darren Kramer (aka DJ DKO) called “Heavy Metal Paperclip" – on – wait for it – Electric Trombone! Darren is a friend and one of the growing number of musicians in the... Read more →

Waldorf has just released Electric Body Machinery - a new Blofeld soundset by Soundset Ari Ahrendt. This punchy soundset that covers everything for electronic music of the darker kind. Highly energetic sounds for areas such as EBM, Synth Pop, Dark Electro, Future Pop, Electro Wave and Minimal Electro Pop. All... Read more →