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I was recently interviewed by Berkeley, CA Sound Designer Nathan Lively on his podcast Sound Design Live which has over 10,000 followers! This was a nice turn as I’m normally the one doing the interviewing :^). You can read the original post “Turning Technology Into Performance” here, listen to the... Read more →

Elektron is offer 15% off of Elektron Holiday Sale – 15% Off Octatrack, Machinedrum, and Monomachine Till December 23rd. More here ------- Mark Mosher Electronic/Experimental Music Artist, Boulder, CO Synthesist | Composer | Keyboardist | Performer Synth Geek Blog: Artist Site: Read more →

U-HE Announces Public Beta and Introductory Pricing for New Diva Synthesizer

U-HE, makers for my favorite synths ACE and Zebra 2, have released a public beta for their latest synthesizers Diva. The oscillators, filters and envelopes closely model components found in some of the great monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers of yesteryear. Modules can be mixed and matched so you can build... Read more →

Twyndyllyngs is an electronic music duo made up of Bill Fox and Howard Moscovitz who are both a big part of the community. This album is available as a digital download on Bandcamp. “This album was recorded live at Event Horizon on September 22, 2011. If you burn a... Read more →

I just saw this announcement over on SampleRobot 4 is the name of Blofeld's new accomplice. Creating multisamples for Blofeld has never been easier with the help of SampleRobot, as it automatically samples existing instruments. It saves all samples as WAV and assignment information in XML format, ready to... Read more →

After already presenting Soundplan at Expo '74 in NY, Madrona Labs has set off on the west coast leg of their tour. I pulled this schedule from the news section of their web site. Robotspeak, San Francisco, Saturday Nov 5, 4pm CNMAT, U C Berkeley, Monday Nov 7, 2pm UCSB,... Read more →

Sound Design Experiment with Aalto and AudioCubes

Watch embedded vide in HD I decided to combine the fluid tangible spatial control of Percussa AudioCubes with the some droning patches I made from INIT with Madrona Labs wonderful Aalto synth. Aalto has an awesome gate feature which allows you to create interesting drones leaving your hands free to... Read more →

Percussa continues it's excellent customer support with another free update to MIDIBridge. The big featue in this update is the app now supports up to 16 AudioCubes up from 4 of the original version! Patches from previous versions will load just fine and simply load parameters for the first 4... Read more →