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I’ve been officially accepted to play a set and do a talk at Electro-Music 2011 in NY. The festival takes place from September 9-11. More links at the bottom of the post. Looking Back at Electro-Music 2010 I had a great time at the festival last year and I’m really... Read more →

My go to synth ElectraX just got even better with a beefy update that is free for registered users. If you are not familiar with ElectraX checkout this post Modulate This Exclusive: First Look at Tone2's New ElectraX Virtual Synth. Also, checkout this official video overview that was release after... Read more →

I recently purchased a Novation UltraNova. As I was researching I compiled specs form manufacturer web sites and placed them into a spreadsheet from other synths at this price point so I could compare the instruments side-by-side. I thought I’d pass this info on to save you time if you... Read more →

Percussa has announced on their blog that they are working on a new app called Improvisor. The idea of IMPROVISOR is that each cube is linked with a groove and a relative note pattern, which is played back in a loop. You can add and remove loops by adding and... Read more →

Image-Line is one of the first companies to make some real progress towards the idea of integrated workflow between mobile and desktop DAWs with the release of their new FL Studio Mobile app. First off let me say that they’ve done a nice job jamming the essence of FL Studio... Read more →

Teenage Engineering OP-1 & Moog Little Phatty Sightings in NPR "Yacht: Tiny Desk Concert" Video

Watch embedded video I actually had not heard about the Tiny Desk Concert series on NPR before I saw a post about it on the Moog Music Facebook page. It's a pretty cool idea. In this video - a fun performance by Yacht and some synth action on withThe Moog... Read more →

Video: Tenori-On with 2.1 Firmware Being Remote Controlled from a Computer Using maxMSP

In my last post I mentioned that the Yamaha release new firmware 2.1 for the Tenori-On which among other new features allows for programmatic control of the hardware via MIDI Sysex. TimL over on this thread over on the Tenori-On forummentioned he has already started writing a MaxMSP patch! He... Read more →

Hey look, my Tenori-On is running 2.10!!! What’s New Note: I used Google to translate then used info from manual to edit the translation. TENORI-TENORI remote session capabilities between different ON-ON(TNR-W/TNR-O version 2.1 or later) via a MIDI cable. Joining a Multiplayer session features TNR-by connecting iPhone (yes the site... Read more →

Moog Music has released a free firmware update for Little Phatty and Slim Phatty to 3.1. Below is a summary video (watch embedded video) This looks like a must-have upgrade as it adds a lot of features that are standard in the latest digital synths. Nice to see Moog Music... Read more →

Ableton Colorado User Group in conjunction with DJNSM/Datamafia launches a Free Collective Patch Library on GitHub. The premise behind this site library is to create “an area where we can share, store, and expand our library using the basic building blocks of Ableton.“ The rules are simple: Original stuff please... Read more →

Gary Numan - Are Friends Electric Old Grey Whistle Test 1979

I just stumbled on this video “Gary Numan - Are Friends Electric Old Grey Whistle Test 1979” (watch embedded video). The quality is fantastic for a vid from 1979. Lots of Minimoogs :^) Mark Mosher Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO Synthesist | Composer | Keyboardist | Performer Official Web... Read more →

I'm changing my strategy around patch releases resulting in a re-purposing and reorganization of the Patchlab microsite I started earlier this year. After experimenting with offering different types of downloads, I've found that one-off free patches are nowhere near as popular as larger sound sets. I'm therefore focusing my energy... Read more →

Welcome to the Patch Lab by Modulate This. This page as a one-stop catalog for sound sets I've created. I also offer a handful of FREE patches in my "Patch Stream" section. Click on thumbnails above to learn more about sound sets. The soundsets are FREE, but if you like... Read more →

DEVO has announced a line of shoes. The only question you have to ask yourself is- red or blue? Visit the link below to learn more and get a free remix of “Don’t Shoot” by the fabulous Polsycis. Mark Mosher Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO Official Web Site: Read more →

Modulate This Discount on Laura Escudé Ableton Master Classes June 4-5 in LA

Fresh off a tour doing back-line work for Kanye West, Ableton guru Laura Escudé will be back in LA and offering some master classes on Ableton Live on June 4-6, 2011. Laura was kind enough to share a discount code to Modulate This! readers. Enter code modulatethis at checkout to... Read more →