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Notes and Photos from My Talk at May 2011 Ableton Colorado Meetup on Integrating Third Party Instruments with Live

Last night I gave a talk on using third-party virtual instruments within Ableton Live at the Ableton Colorado User Group. I just did a post with notes and photos from this event including my current Synth Picks mindmap on my artist site. Swing by my artist site to check it... Read more →

Here are some notes I've made on how to configure Ableton Live to both edit patches on UltraNova and record the USB audio stream. Screen shots are from Windows 7. Download and install latest software Plugin-in UltraNova via USB Configure Ableton Options: Menu>Options>Preferences>Audio tab to select ASIO and the the... Read more →

Update: See notes and photos from this event on my artist site. I’ll be presenting at the upcoming Ableton Colorado User Group. Here are the details from the Meetup Page. Our night is generally divided up into 3 segments. Beginner, Advanced, and End-Game. Each has a focus on Ableton and... Read more →

U-HE ACE is my favorate analog modeled virtual synth and once you “grok”” the cabling you can do amazing things with it. If you find the cabling confusing, checkout my video from last year “U-HE ACE Tutorial: Patch Cables 101” which I’m happy to report is closing in on 12,000... Read more →

Tone2 has a history of creating soundsets that really take advantage of the vast features of their awesome synths such as ElectraX. Their latest soundset is “The Vintage Soundset” which goes fro $49 and I'm sure is no exception. Vintage is an inspiring collection of 220 patches for ElectraX programmed... Read more →

This year, the founding members of The Cars reunited. Their new album from Move Like This just dropped. Links to the album are here The band is now out on tour to support the album - After a quick preview of some of the tracks I’m happy to... Read more →

Ready to tap into an alien radio conversation? Use of FM to introduce harsh squealing-like sound. Pitch of OSC 1 (which is inaudible but causes FM movement) and filter movement via LFO. Organic and variable speed changes achieved with LFOs modulating speed of other LFOs. “Random” as a modulation source... Read more →

As a donor and supporter of The Bob Moog Foundation I wanted to pass this along. Moog Music has redesigned their web site and in so doing has added a new “Legacy” page which will contain information shared by The Bob Moog Foundation. Michelle Moog posted a letter explaining the... Read more →

Tune In to Gridfest on Ustream Friday May 6th and Saturday May 7th

Gridfest in Sante Fe starts tomorrow. According to their web site they will be live streaming Friday and Saturday nights and perhaps Sunday. Good news for those who can’t make it but want to check out the show. Here is the Ustream link Live TV : Ustream Links Read more →

April 29th saw a lot of news from synth maker’s Camel Audio. I actually waited to post on this because their server got pretty crushed with everyone trying to download all these goodies a few days back. ALCHEMY 1.20 NOW AVAILABLE After two man years of work 1.20 is now... Read more →