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Despite the economic downturn, 2009 was thankfully a huge year when it came to new technology for electronic music artists. Rather than try and cover every significant release, I’ll instead list some of my favorite products and notable trends. The Year of Ableton What a big year for Ableton. Live... Read more →

The blogosphere is all a buzz with people discussing Gerhard Behles’s (CEO of Ableton) recent post on Ableton Quality on the Ableton forum - “We have now decided to: suspend all development towards new features while the whole team joins forces to address the current issues. This effort is... Read more →

I stumbled on to this and thought I'd share - Keith Emmerson Happy Holiday Greetings 2009 YouTube video. See other Kieth Emerson vids on his YouTube channel - Mark Mosher Electronic Music Artist, Composer, Sound Designer Louisville/Denver/Boulder Download/Buy my album REBOOT on Bandcamp Buy on iTunes Read more →

Rather than send a greeting card to you all with a yearly letter ;^) - I spent some time yesterday and today making some presets for you with the fabulous new Harmless virtual synth. FYI - I updated my previous post on Image-Line's Harmless to include a mini-review. As I... Read more →

(click image to enlarge) Image-Line, the makers of FL Studio, have released a new synth called Harmless. I’ve seen posts on this on other blogs but wanted to post here as well as this is such a good deal. You can name your price on this new synth ($9 min... Read more →

I recently added Percussa AudioCubes to my studio and performance rig. While I’m planning a longer post offering an overview of how AudioCubes work, this is a quick post to mention two applications of AudioCube technology I’ve been experimenting with. First, I’m using them as lights. You can send RGB... Read more →

Want to resize U-HeAce to fit your display? Right-click on the interface anywhere there is not a control and pick a window size from the list. I wish more virtual synths supported this feature. Links: Modulate This ACE Index Page Other posts on ACE Read more →

I've started creating dedicated Blog “Pages” - These are dedicated index pages for topics. They don’t appear in the normal blog post flow and have short URL’s you can bookmark. The first dedicate page is for u-he’s ACE Swing on by and join the conversation. Note you can subscribe... Read more →

In this YouTube Video, I demonstrate how to use Ableton Live 8 and the Velocity MIDI device along with a dummy clip to add velocity to incoming MIDI notes that are a fixed velocity. I illustrate this with the Tenori-On but this concept will work with any MIDI device. Once... Read more →

One Patch Performance Over the years I’ve produced some very detailed step-by-step videos with voice-over on sound design and music technology. To balance things out, I’m launching a new video series called “ONE PATCH PERFORMANCE”. In this new series there will be no voice over just sound and music. The... Read more →

I just started publishing pictures into a photo album off of one of my hosted accounts. There are some fun pics of me with gear and wearing swag in different locations. I’ve posted some of these shots on various social media sites in the past and some shots are exclusive... Read more →

I just saw this on the Ableton Forum: We just released the latest Live 8 version, Live 8.1. The main focus of that 8.1 version is the release for the "Max for Live" product. Additionally, Live 8.1 contains a bunch of bugfixes compared to Live 8.0.9. (A corresponding change log... Read more →

I’ve been sampling since the 80’s when I got an Ensoniq Mirage. I’ve since moved on to software and now use Ableton Sampler, and Camel Audio Alchemy for sample-based work these days. I still find sample-based sound design fascinating and recently found some cool videos which illustrate how far we’ve... Read more →