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Use Your KORG USB Compatible Synths as Controllers on Vista

The latest version of Korg's midi driver for windows, version 1.1.1, is compatible with Windows Vista. This means you can use Korg hardware with USB capability as controller to drive your DAW or virtual instruments. On a side note, I've been running Vista for over a year on my music... Read more →

Ronald Jenkees - Inspiration and Jams from Outer Space

I found this great video by Ronald Jenkees on YouTube called "A fun beat from outer space (an experimental improv jam)" an thought I'd post it in case you've not run across his music yet. Ronald Jenkees is an independent Hip Hop artist from Kentucky. He composes and produces using... Read more →

Where Is the Arpeggiator in Rob Papen's Predator?

I'm really into synthesizers with one page interfaces these days. I've been working a lot with Rob Papen's Predator which has a fantastic UI. Almost all control "sections" are displayed on one page. I say almost as they couldn't quite cram all the control elements in. To accommodate more controls... Read more →

Video Overview of The Sonar V-STUDIO 700

Cakewalk has announced Sonar V-Studio 700. Here is a blurb from the press release. "SONAR V-Studio 700 matches SONAR 8 Producer with the VS-700C V-Studio Console multifunction control surface and VS-700R V-Studio I/O audio interface, which includes an onboard Roland Fantom VS Hardware synthesizer. The VS-700C V-Studio Console provides fast... Read more →

What's New and How To Upgrade To Rob Papen Predator 1.5.1, Blue 1.8.1 and RG 1.0.1

FIND PRESETS FASTER Rob Papen has released updates to Blue, Predator and RG. All three virtual synthesizers have the following new preset browsing features: "Quick Browse" is a new function that allows you to quickly browse through preset. "Recently Browsed" allows you to easily rind the presets you tried out... Read more →

Kraftwerk Heading to Australia and Singapore

Hey all you electronica fans in Australia and Singapore. Kraftwerk, the godfathers of electronic music are heading your way. I've saw this show in Denver a few months back and it was fantastic. Checkout the Kraftwerk MySpace page (very cool design by the way) for more info and video from... Read more →

Image Line Announces Updates for Morphine, PoiZone, and Toxic Biohazard Virtual Synthesizers

Image Line just announced a series of minor updates to their core line of virtual synthesizers. Morphine 1.4.2 released - fixed crashes/freezes when closing plugin in OSX - fixed threading in Windows version - fixed compatibility with the Toxic Biohazard installer in OSX - better tablet pc / stylus support... Read more →