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Awesome Video of Ableton Live User and American Idol Contestant Blake Lewis Beatboxing Live at Columbia City Theater Halloween 2006

I was watching American Idol a few weeks back and saw brief video clip of Blake Lewis arranging a song with a laptop. It looked like he was running Ableton Live, but it went by so fast I wasn't sure. Last week he specifically mentioned that he uses Ableton Live.

This video clearly shows he had a great act, great chops, and some serious skills performing with Ableton Live and a midi pedal board prior to being "Idolized".

Watch the whole video as the performance near the end is really great.

Article Update: If you found this article becuase you are a Blake Lewis fan and would like to start using music software, you might be interested in knowing the Blake uses a program called Ableton Live. This program is extremely popular for composing, producing, as a recording studio, mixing, mashups,  djing, and performing live. One of the key reasons so many use it is that you can ONE program to both create music and perform Live!It's also extremely popular for laptop use.

This blog has a "Ableton Live" category dedicated to helping people work with the program. If you are interested in buying this program or upgrading from an older version to the current version, you can buy this program at a discount using these links: Ableton Live 6 Music Software | Ableton Live 6 Upgrade from Version 5 . Check out for more info on the product.