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Ableton Live Lite 5.0 - Free Update for registered users

Now registered uses of Live Lite 4 and Live Delta can update to Live Lite 5 for free. Many of you have Live Lite 4 and don't know it as it came bundled with many software and hardware packages. There are so many great new features in the 5 update, it is definitely worth the effort to dig through you discs to see if you have it.

Just to remind you of what's new in Live 5 - here is a marketing blurb:

"New additions to M-Audio's version of Live Lite include full ReWire Support, MIDI Remote Control, Mackie Control Support, Complex Warp Mode, Clip Freeze, Plug-in Delay Compensation, Arrangement Locators, Live Clip Format, Searchable Browser, New Preset Management and Effect/Device groups, and new effects such as Beat Repeat and Saturator."

So what's the difference between the full and lite version?

  • Live 5 has an unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks - Ableton Live Lite 5 gives you four audio tracks and four MIDI tracks.
  • Live Lite 5 will not include compressed audio support and records in 16 bit quality.

If after using the lite version you decide to someday upgrade to the full version, "your experience and files are completely transportable".

Registered owners of Live Lite 4 and Live Delta can download a free update to Live Lite 5 from Ableton's website at

You can get the full version of Ableton Live 5 here - Ableton Live 5 Real-Time Music Production Software.