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DIY Guru Ray Wilson (Music From Outer Space) Has Cancer And Needs Help

DIY Guru Ray Wilson (Music From Outer Space) Has Cancer And Needs Help. Synthtopia did a great job summarizing the situation so I'm just going to re-post their text to help spread the word.

Donate here https://www.gofundme.com/raywilson

Wilson has been a leader in synth DIY for years – offering a variety of projects via his Music From Outer Space (MFOS) site. His DIY designs include a complete line of analog synth modules, lo fi noise boxes, sequencers, the Sound Lab Mini-Synth and the Weird Sound Generator. He is also the author of the book Make: Analog Synthesizers

 Wilson found out about a month ago that he’s got cancer of the kidney, enlarged lymph nodes and spots on his lungs. He’s had to suspend work at MFOS, as a result.

His children have started a GoFundMe campaign to help Wilson and his wife with expenses. Here’s what they have to say about the campaign:

Because my parents are both self-employed, they pay for their own healthcare. They are not covered by any sort of employer-provided long term leave benefits. Currently they pay about $1500 per month for health insurance. Add to this baseline the array of tests, prescriptions, transportation, specialist visits, new dietary needs, and the general cost of living. It is very expensive to be sick.

These costs will soon outstrip savings for a rainy day; they will chip into reserves and eventually eat up their retirement funds. And my mother isn’t even 60 yet. I am extremely concerned, and therefore am turning to the generosity of the community and asking that you please consider helping in any way you can.

Dad has shared so much with the world through his work, his art, and his writing. How has he affected you? Perhaps you have learned a new skill and developed a hobby thanks to MFOS. (Have you built a Weird Sound Generator?) Maybe you’ve read his book, Make: Analog Synthesizers. Maybe you or someone you know has benefited from his extensive research and development in the field of implantable defibrillators and pacemakers. Maybe you have laughed at his YouTube channel or enjoyed a concert or downloaded some of his music. Maybe you’re a family member or an old friend wondering what you can do from far away. Well if you were planning to send flowers, please donate instead. If you were going to make a casserole, please donate instead. If you care but you feel totally helpless, please consider donating. Every little bit will help to defray the mounting medical bills and give my parents a little breathing room.

What's New in Ableton Live 9.5 Mindmap


I created "What's New in Ableton Live 9.5" using MindMeister. Check out my public Mindmeister channel for other maps related past version of live and synth tech in general. Note the What's New in Live 9 mindmap has 14K+ views - woot! Note - I'll add a separate map for Push 2 soon.  

New Album - Miss American Vampire - Songs on Theremin by Victoria Lundy


My good friend, frequent collaborator, and excellent Thereminist  Victoria Lundy has released her debut solo album - Miss American Vampire - Songs on Theremin by Victoria Lundy. Just in time for Halloween, the album is available on Bandcamp https://victorialundy.bandcamp.com. Also, when you buy on Bandcamp, you get a PDF with four panels of album art.


Disturbing experimental mood pieces, melodic theremin, and gothic horror.


released October 31, 2015

1 Demon on your chest - Night terrors and sleep paralysis
2 Kojo no Tsuki - Moonlight over Ruined Castle
3 Maria Callas has been brought back to an unnatural life - theremin, theremin samples
4 Solar wind reveals ghosts - includes theremin and sampled sounds from NASA's Cassini mission and the Van Allen belts.
5 A bad day at Carlsbad Caverns - Theremin, overtracked theremin, NI Reaktor Molekular
6 Miss American Vampire - he's won the pageant, now it's time to ride on a Halloween carousel

All songs written, arranged, performed and recorded by Victoria Lundy except Kojo No Tsuki written by Rentaro Taki
© 2015 Victoria Lundy | victorialundymusic.com

This recording used Moog Etherwave Pro Theremin, Ableton Live 9, Logic, Native Instruments Absynth, Reaktor and Molekular.
Thanks to Thomas Lundy and Mark Mosher for endless help and encouragement.

“I sung of Chaos and Eternal Night,
Taught by the heav’nly Muse to venture down
The dark descent, and up to reascend...”
—John Milton, Paradise Lost

Checkout Victoria's web site for more info on her work http://www.victorialundymusic.com.

Note - I got to hear this album performed live last night in Denver and it was real treat. Here is a teaser video for that show. I animated Victoria's original art in Resolume. This also gives you a sense for the live visuals during the concert. 

Sonic Encounters Podcast 008 - Halloween Special - Rebroadcast of Live Halloween 2011 Radio.Electro-Music.com Concert

In celebration of Halloween - please enjoy this themed set I performed for a live streaming concert back in 2011.




 Get those headphones out - it's time for some creepy original experimental music to celebrate Halloween! This is a live hi-def stereo recording from my set for the Halloween 2011 Online Streaming Concert for Radio.Electro-Music.com broadcast at 19:00 GMT on October 30th.


  1. "Welcome to the Inferno" Sound Design Cue from Inferno Haunted House (recording)
  2. "Mad Carnival" Sound Design Cue from Inferno Haunted House (recording)
  3. "Icy Caves" Sound Design Cue from Inferno Haunted House (recording)
  4. "They Walk Among Us" from REBOOT (recording). Buy Reboot.
  5. "I Can See Them" from the album I HEAR YOUR SIGNALS  (performed live on Percussa AudioCubes). Buy Album.
  6.  "Before We Wake" from Fear Cannot Save Us album  (performed ive on Theremin pitch-to-midi with AudioCube ). Buy album.
  7. "Dark Signals" from I HEAR YOUR SIGNALS (performed live AudioCubes, keys, Theremin, Tenori-On). Buy Album.
  8. "Celebration and Voices" from I HEAR YOUR SIGNALS (performed live on Launchpad grid). Buy Album
  9. "Infected" from REBOOT (recording). Buy Reboot.)
  10. "Intercept Transmission" structured improvisation (performed live on Launchpad grid)

Listen to Podcast on Soundcloud



Video: In The Studio with Jean-Michel Jarre - Ableton Live, Max for Live, Tape Looping

FutureMusic magazine posted a fantastic video "In The Studio with Jean-Michel Jarre". It's really worth watching this 23 minute behind-the-scenes look at his process for a track for his upcoming Electronica 1: The Time Machine  which will release on Oct 16th, 2015.

Electronic music icon Jarre invites us into his Paris studio to talk us through his new collaboration with Air. Get the full story of Jarre's first album in eight years, and see more of his studio, in the latest issue of Future Music: http://bit.ly/FMU297

I think this video will be especially inspiring to Ableton Live users out there as it ends up Jarre is a heavy user of Ableton Live, is a fan of many of Live's built-in FX and is even using the great Max for Live Convolution reverb.

In addition to using Live, plugins and hardware synths, Jarre shows us how he uses classic tape loop techniques that he learned back in the day while working under Pierre Schaeffer ("father" of musique concrète).


Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Composer, Synthesist, Performer
Boulder, CO

www.MarkMosherMusic.com <<< Original Techno, Dark Ambient, Experimental Music
www.SonicEncounters.com/podcast <<< Soundscape Podcast

Elektron Releases Octatrack OS 1.25G - What's New

Elektron has released a minor update for the Octatrack - OS 1.25G.

What's new:

  • A regression caused static samples to be assigned a tempo of 300 BPM when loaded. Fixed.
  • Trigless locks in the currently active bank were incorrectly converted into trigless trigs when restarting the machine. Fixed.

You can download the update here:


Mark Mosher


Modulate This! Synth Blog Turns 10


Modulate This! turns 10 today! 

Some highlights for the last year include..

A few select highlights over the last 9 years...

 I looked back through some of my previous posts celebrating past birthdays and found something I wrote at year five... 

Through Modulate This! I’ve been able to create and share ideas.  Modulate This! has also let me meet and connect with other artists and those passionate about electronic music technology who I would have never met otherwise. And now my art is better for it and my life is richer.

This couldn't be more true today. So here is to another year of articles and meeting even more synth friends!

I'll close by saying thanks to you for reading, your positive comments,  subscribing, and your donations

Mark Mosher
Synthesist, Musician, Composer, Performer
Boulder, CO